Elastix Wiki


Hi, I'm Gonzalo from Argentina, a VoIP begginer that became someone that nearly makes a living with it, providing support to many clients in Argentina, and remote support / assistance to people all over.

If you are here, is because you need help (as most of us, everyday) with Elastix and the VoIP World

Elastix is a powerful "package" of VoIP related Linux-based applications, that can be used by one at home, our small business, or even a large company

Constantly evolving, as every aspect of communications nowadays, and with many collaborative people behind it.

There's too much information spread all over the net (official & unofficial forums / blogs / etc); I will try to gather as much as I can, as long as it's has at least * something * to do with Elastix / Asterisk, that can be helpfull to someone

First I'll try to gather the most updated data from the official website; then i'll add commonly used guides / tutorials / scripts / how to's so we have everything on the same site, here.

Plus, don't hesitate to edit / update / request / add anything you like.

You can reach me at Skype: ggorbalan ; ggorbalan [at] gmail [dot] com