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Elastix FAQ - General[]

Is Elastix Free?[]

Elastix is Open Source software released under the GPLv2 license. You are free to use it for personal or commercial usage subject to the conditions as described under the GPLv2 License. If you have not read the GPLv2 license, then it is recommended that you do read it and understand it.

Why do I have to pay some licences for some parts, isn't this against the spirit of Open Source software?[]

For general IP PBX functionality, you do not require these additional licences. They are supplied by third party companies and generally only extend the functionality of the Elastix product. Two examples are the G729 codec which allows very low bandwidth communications, Skype for Asterisk which allows Skype users to call directly into your Elastix IP PBX. They are not critical to the functionality of your Elastix IP PBX system, and in fact it is a reasonable guess to say that 98% of Elastix systems in production use are running on the base product.

Will Elastix become commercial software like many other similar projects?[]

Edgar Landivar has publicly stated that Elastix will remain available as Open Source software.

How does Palosanto make money from the Elastix project?[]

Like many companies that produce an Open Source product, they rely on the sale of peripheral services and products around the Elastix product. These may include, but are not limited to, complete hardware systems with Elastix installed and tested, online support services, certification courses and exams, donations etc. This is why it is important in decisions that you make regarding how you use the Elastix product, that you do consider the impact on the crew at Palosanto, especially if you use the product on a commercial basis either as an end user or you implement Elastix systems for your clients. Where possible promote the services of Palosanto for training, support, or consider a donation for every system you implement commercially. Remember, the more support Palosanto receive, the more likely they will continue to devote their resources to the project which ultimately helps everyone.

Can I remove all the Elastix logos and replace them with my own?[]

WHY? I would suggest make a donation first at a minimum. Just my 0.02