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SIP/IAX Friends

With this callingcard platform we can also define Asterisk user (SIP/IAX Friends), in

other words we can pre-configure a SIP client, an ATA phone or even a gateways.

We will not go in details with all the parameters that define a SIP/IAX friends, we

will refer a well-documented pages of the WIKI :

• SIP configuration :

• IAX configuration :

As you probably discover, when you browse the card you have 2 particulars button

at your disposal : SIP & IAX. When you click on one of them, you will see that an instance

in SIP/IAX Friends has been created and 2 red buttons will appears asking you

to generate the configuration files. If your system as been well configured you should

have an include of the a2billing sip/iax files into your sip/iax.conf files, this will allow

us to generate after each changes the specific a2billing sip/iax files and reload

asterisk at your convenience to add/update or remove some Asterisk friend/user.

Standard process should be:

• 1# Create Card

• 2# Create a SIP/IAX Friend

• 3# Adapte SIP/IAX configuration according to your user

• 4# Reload Asterisk (it can be perform from the web interface)

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